Effortless Serve Power

Effortless Serve Power

You’ll easily learn how to increase your tennis serve speed by developing solid throwing mechanics.

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A great serving motion is very similar to a great throwing motion.

In this video, you’ll learn a step by step process to master the mechanics of throwing a ball.

First, you must understand the expansion of your arm out to the 45 degree angle.

Next, you’ll learn about how your hips “pull” your arm into the throw.

You’ll also realize how important it is that your wrist stay “rounded”… because this position allows your wrist to snap as you through.

With these three steps you’ll master the mechanics of throwing a ball…

In turn, you’ll master the mechanics of hitting the serve.

My friend Rosalind will demonstrate proper throwing mechanics as well as exercises that you can use to progressively master these mechanics.

Enjoy the video!

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