About Ramon Osa

When I started playing, I couldn’t hit 4 balls in a row over the net.Forehand rotation

But as I learned to get better & better, I started to wonder what distinguishes the very best players from the players who were just decent.

The people who never really GOT TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

And I got a front row seat to see this happen as I studied Federer, Djokovic, and the other top players…and as I jumped up 2.5 levels (3.0-5.5).

I saw players who were stronger and faster than I was fall apart in matches.

I saw other players who seemed mediocre seem to have the mental skill and training to push through towards victory after victory.

Over time, I myself was able to learn from the very best and make it to the USTA 7.0 mixed championships.

Now, it wasn’t easy.  I had to confront all of my hacker-like tendencies that were responsible for my plateaus as well as the mindsets thats were holding me back.

I had to overcome all of that.

But what I always wanted to be, my ultimate goal, was to be a PLAYER.  And not just better than the person across the court, but as good as I knew was humanly possible for me.

And so to do that, I studied every ATP and WTA superstar since Pancho Gonzalez. I studied their technique, their training regimens, their frame of mind.  I even studied what they ate.

And I learned that… yes, technique matters.

Yes, equipment matters.

Most definitely, mind frame matters.

But what matters the most is having fun during training.

FUN, along with the right system to develop world-class strokes and sound fundamentals is the winning formula!

Most of us just hit the ball over the net however we know we can. And as I always say “GOOD FUNDAMENTALS LAST A LIFETIME, UNFORTUNATELY, SO DO BAD ONES!”

But, using this program, I was able to go from a 3.0-4.5 with crushing groundstrokes, a powerfully reliable serve, and a mind that served me during matches, not hindered me.

And I had FUN every step of the way!

I worked with students such as Jason, Marc and Raquel and was able to help them develop a solid foundation of technique faster than they ever thought possible.

My goal is to help people find the FUN in fundamentals, and to show them that tennis is a solution to lifelong fitness!

I will show you the skills and technique you need.

I will help you discover the fun in tennis, while showing you what you need to do to improve your technique and tactics.

I’ll show you the skills and strategies that peak performers (in all walks of life) use to perform at their very best.

For now, all I want to show you is 1 thing to get you started today. In fact, this is something I wish I had when I started.

It is the Winning Formula Diagnostic Tool.  It’ll show you where you rank in the 4 critical, match-winning categories.

Take the quiz for free here!


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