Clinics are a great way to improve certain areas of your game, while meeting new players, and of course… competing!

As with all training, we use the TRUST system.

TRUST stands for



Under Pressure


Thoughts, Feelings, and Emotions.

And we train these all at the same time… while working on elite ball striking skills.

Rates for clinics are $40 per person, per hour.

Introductory Private Tennis Lesson - $50!*Improve your game today!

During our lesson, we’ll look at your game… whether you play singles, doubles, or both.

You’ll learn how to put the ball away.

You’ll learn how to put pressure on your opponents… instead of them putting pressure on you.

You’ll learn how to hit the ball cleaner, bigger, and more consistently… while training specific combinations to win more points.

We’ll talk about the mental game… and you’ll walk away with a secret 25 second process that instantly gets you in The Zone.

*Normally $100, for a limited time, you can claim your 50% discount!