Federer’s Secrets to be SMOOTH

Federer’s Secrets to be Smooth

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One of his secrets is in this video, and once you see it, your game will be changed forever.

Notice how the figure 8 is everywhere in tennis.

When you look at Roger’s swing path, you’ll notice that it resembles a figure 8 shape.

If you look closely, you’ll see it in ALL of his strokes.

In this video, you’ll learn two exercises that you can practice that will make your game a little closer to Federer’s.

One is the infinity dribble, in which you dribble the ball on the ground with your racket like a basketball in a figure 8 shape.

The other is the infinity volley in which you do a similar movement, but keep the ball in the air as you alternate sides of your racket, striving to keep the ball in the air and the racket continuous.

These drills will help you in so many ways!

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