Forehand Power | The First 3 Levels

Forehand Power | The First 3 Levels

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Do you want to feel more powerful on your forehand? Maybe you want to be able to put the ball away when you have an open shot. The ability to close out a point. This video is for you! Also, if you’re interested in an in-person lesson, visit my website and feel free to contact me!

The First Level of Forehand Power is the use of your arm.  At this level, you are generating almost all of the strength of your shot with just your arm.

This is the way many beginners start, particularly because they are focusing on the swing path, and want to make sure they develop that correctly.

Perfectly fine, but theres a better way.

The Second Level of Forehand Power is when you get your core involved. At this level, your hips rotate as a unit with your arm, and produce even MORE power than in the first level.  This is because you are pushing from the ground, and more links in the kinetic chain are used.

But believe it or not, there’s an even better way.

And that’s level 3.  In level 3 your hips will come slightly before your arm.  This creates the “lag” effect that acts as a force multiplier, and really adds a lot of energy into the ball.  That is because of the stretch shortening cycle, where energy is built up during the stretch phase, and released during the shortening phase.

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