How to Hit a BIGGER Kick Serve W/Essential Tennis

How to Hit a BIGGER Kick Serve | W/ Essential Tennis

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The Kick Serve, when performed correctly, is one of the most devastatingly versatile serves you can own.

It can be used as a “change of pace” on a first serve.

It can also be used as an aggressive second serve that moves out of your opponent’s strike zone.

However, the kick serve can be one of the most challenging serves to learn in tennis, because of how technical it is.

Not to fear!

In this video Ramon and the gang from Essential Tennis give you their 4 Top Secret Ninja Tips to get you hitting a BIGGER Kick Serve.

Ira says, if you want a bigger kick serve, make sure your swing path is correct. Too often, players hit “through” the ball, forward into the court, instead of brushing up the back of the ball to create topspin.

Ian says if you want a bigger kick serve, make sure you are properly “loading your shoulders” so that you can create a tight coil, that will ultimately be released into the ball to create topspin.

Kirby says if you want a bigger kick serve, you MUST train yourself to ACCELERATE through the shot. She says that too often, people end up slowing down their swing because they may be unsure of their technique. The reality is, in order to get the ball to “kick”, you need a lot of racket head speed, which can be achieved through ACCELERATION through the stroke.

Finally, Ramon says that, unlike a flat serve, you want to make initial contact with the ball at a lower point. This allows the racket head space to accelerate up the back of the ball, and create topspin.

If you want to hit a Bigger kick serve, just remember:

1. Get your swing path down
2. Load your shoulder
3. Let the Toss Drop
4. Accelerate through the hit


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