How to Hit a Harder Serve (With Essential Tennis)

How to Hit a Harder Serve (With Essential Tennis)

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If you want to hit a harder serve, there are several things you can do.

That is because the power of your serve is the product of a lot of moving factors.

In this video, you’ll learn 4 keys to getting more power on your serve.

1. In step 1, Ian from Essential Tennis explains that racket head speed can be used to create slice, kick, or can be released like a laser beam into the ball for optimum power with a flat serve.

The best way to do this, is to move away from the waiter’s serve position, and move towards the loading of the shoulders while keeping the wrist rounded until right before contact.

This causes the wrist to “snap” and create more power on your serve.

2. Kirby explains that you need to make sure your toss is out in front of you, into the court.

This allows your momentum to be moving forward into the court, which will produce more power than if you are falling backward or simply going straight up into the air.

3. Ira mentions the need to be loose. Many people try to “gear up” to hit a big serve, which normally results in excessive muscle tension, which actually slows the racket head down.

Instead, be sure you move through your serve with fluidity.

4. Finally, Ramon shows you how to use your legs most effectively to create power on your serve.

As the largest muscles in your body, your legs have the potential, when used in harmony with the rest of the body, to be force multipliers on the serve.

Ramon shows the difference between the “squat and thrust” method, which resembles sitting in a chair… with the “corkscrew” method that most ATP players are using today to hit a harder serve.

This involves “screwing down” into the court as with your hips rotating away from the court while your knees bend.

This creates angular momentum as opposed to linear momentum which is produced by the “squat and thrust” method.

When you add these 4 factors together, you have a serve that is effortlessly powerful… and that looks really cool!


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