Modern Forehand Technique | CONSISTENCY & POWER (3/3)

Modern Forehand Technique | CONSISTENCY & POWER (3/3)

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If you’re sick of spraying balls wide, missing easy put aways, and losing to pushers who just get the ball back and wait for you to miss, check out this training series.

Ramon Osa will show you the secrets to hitting a POWERFUL and CONSISTENT forehand… and you’ll have fun in the process!

In this video, you’ll learn the finish… the last most important move to hit an absolutely devastatingly powerful forehand. It’s also the key to your forehand consistency.

The finish is based on:

  1. Being relaxed.  If you are relaxed as you go through your swing, the finish will happen automatically.
  2. The shot determines the follow through.  If you are hitting with a ton of topspin, for example, your finish is going to be more vertical.  If you are plowing through a high ball, the finish will go down and across.  The shot determines the finish.

This forehand instruction will be easy to follow and enjoyable to watch!

Enjoy learning to hit a killer forehand!

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