The Perfect Toss | Improve Serve Consistency

The Perfect Toss | Improve Serve Consistency

How many times have you gone up to serve, and had absolutely no chance of hitting a good serve, because your toss was all over the map?

If you’re like I was, your answer is… more than you can count.

But just think…

IF you had a PERFECT ball placement… you might be able to develop an UNSTOPPABLE serve.

How many more matches would you win?

The first key is having the perfect ball placement, and if that’s something you are interested in, just watch this video!

You’ll learn: how to hold the ball, how your arm should be moving, when you should release the ball, where your toss should be in the air, and much more to take your serve to the next level.

The tennis serve relies heavily on the perfect ball placement…. and this video will show you how to do it.


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