Tennis Consistency Drill | Baseline to Net Transition

Tennis Consistency Drill | Baseline to Net Transition

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Do you want to be able to easily transition from the baseline to the net? Want to take the mystery out of no man’s land? Do you want a drill that’s going to help you get to the net and create some easy put away shots? If so, stay tuned… because in this video, I’m going to show you the single best drill I’ve ever seen to bridge the gap between the baseline and the net.

Essentially this drill is simple.

Start at the baseline, hit a shot, and take a step forward.

That’s it!

Naturally, you’re going to have to transition from a pure groundstroke to a half volley, to a volley.

Here are the keys to making this successful.

1. Hit easy balls down the middle of the court to your partner- You should try to make your partner look good by giving him/her very hittable balls. Only use about 60% of your max power at most!

2. Line up your hips to the 45 degree angle into the court.

3. Make contact with your dominant arm at the 45 degree angle into the court. If you’ve got a two handed backhand, this will be your non dominant arm on the 45.

4. Transition to a continental grip after no man’s land.

5. Meet at the net with the ball sandwiched in between the two rackets.

If you take the time to master this drill, your game will be much improved because you’ll have a good general sense of the whole court, and the skills you need to play in each area of the court!


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