Tennis kick serve | Step by Step Instruction

Tennis kick serve | Step by Step Instruction

If you want a kick serve that jumps out of your opponent’s strike zone… and you want to learn it simply and methodically… this is your video. Enjoy!

In this video, you’ll learn the 7 step process for developing a second serve that literally wins you points.

First you’ll want to make sure you’re in a continental grip for the entire exercise.

Next you’ll want a great toss landing on top of your head.

Then, you’ll want to roll the ball above your head in between your hand and the racket.

Next, you’ll want to get on your knees and practice hitting up into the ball.

Then, you’ll stand on your feet and replicate the motion.

Next, you’ll practice hitting the ball high over the net (20-30 feet over).

Finally, you’ll hit the entire kick serve.

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