Tennis Serve | Slice Technique

Tennis Serve | Slice Technique | Simple, step by step guide!

Do you want a new weapon in your serving arsenal? How about a way to open up the court or jam your opponent? This video is for you.

The slice serve is easily one of the most important shots to have in your repertoire.

At the end of the day, your job, as a server is to make the ball move away from your opponents strike zone.

This shot accomplishes that feat effortlessly, as the ball will move away from him, or jam him by moving into his body.

Hitting thisĀ serve is similar to hitting a flat serve… instead of hitting the face of the ball, however, you’re going to wrap around the ball… brushing the ball, or coming around the ball.

This will cause the ball to spin, and create a tough shot for your opponent.

Ultimately, having this serve in your arsenal will allow you to be more unpredictable, and keep your opponent off balance… WHILE making you look and feel really cool on the court.

What could be better than that, right?


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