Tennis Serve Technique | Best Serve Drill EVER!

Tennis Serve Technique | Best Serve Drill EVER!!!

Same Drill Sam Querrey used.

In this quick video, you’ll learn a drill to power up your kick serve, flat serve, slice serve WHILE making it more fluid and effortless.

It involves all parts of the serve, but instead of hitting the ball, you’ll be smoothly catching it after you create your coil and make your toss.

This drill begins with just a tennis ball in your hands, with your hands in front, just as you would start your service motion.

As your hips begin to pull away from the court, you create tension in your core, or “the coil” that is going to be used to create power on your serve.

As your hips pull away, your toss is initiated from the center of your body, as your toss goes up, your throwing motion begins… as you smoothly go through your throwing motion, you simply replace the act of hitting the ball with the catching of the ball.

You finish with a nice, relaxed follow through!

“Good solid fundamentals here!” – Dave “Koz” Kozlowski, ATP/WTA Broadcaster, Host of “Inside Tennis with The Koz”

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