Tennis Serve Technique | Building a Weapon

Tennis Serve Technique | Building a Weapon

Want to develop your serve into a consistent weapon and have fun doing it? Are you ready to finally take your serve to the next level with a smile on your face? Cool! Watch this video, it’s a step by step guide with comedic relief to get you there. And if you like it, visit: for more cool videos!

In this video by Ramon Osa, you’ll learn all of the essential elements to developing a killer serve.

You’ll learn the grip (continental)- This is by far the best service grip, because it offers you the most versatility.  You’ll be able to hit a kick, slice, and flat serve.

You’ll learn how to toss the ball. Not too high, not too low.  Not too far, not too close.  Not too right, not too left… basically, you’ll learn the perfect toss.

You’ll learn where to make contact. Hint, it’s at the 45 🙂

You’ll learn about the racket drop. This will happen naturally when you are relaxed, and your throwing mechanics are sound.

For more videos like this, visit  It’s my mission to teach you the FUN in the fundamentals so you can play tennis at a high level for the rest of your life.  Which is a GREAT way to stay in shape, and lead a healthy lifestyle!

Please watch: “Master the Backhand Slice!”


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