Tennis Volley Technique | How to Use the Wall (MUST WATCH)

Tennis Volley Technique | How to Use the Wall (MUST WATCH)

Tennis Volley Technique

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Are you tired of dumping EASY volleys into the net? Here’s how to use the wall for Clean, Crisp, Volleys.

In this video, you’ll learn the necessary fundamentals to hit crisp, solid volleys so you never dump easy balls into the net again.

Just make sure you follow these 3 steps

1: Be in a continental grip.  This is the ONLY grip that you can use when you’re close to the net to easily handle every shot that can come your way.  It is important that this is your grip.

2: Open the racket face. This will allow you to create backspin on the ball, and when you’re playing a match, will cause the ball to skid, stay low, and scoot past your opponent.

3. Line up the 45 degree angle.  It’s the ideal contact point.  So line up your hips to one 45 degree angle to the wall, and your arm on the opposite 45 degree angle. This will give you the perfect volley.

If you don’t have a practice partner, you’re in luck because each of these volley exercises can be done with the wall as your practice partner.

Learn how Federer hits fantastic volleys time and time again in this quick video.

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Rock Solid Volleys (the first step)

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