Tennis Volley Technique: How to Volley From No Man’s Land

Tennis Volley Technique: How to Volley From No Man’s Land

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Hitting a volley from no man’s land can be a big mystery, because we know that we are going to usually hit a groundstroke from the baseline, and a volley at the net.

But sometimes, you’ll have to use this shot from no man’s land.

In this video, you’ll learn the 3 keys to hitting great volleys from no man’s land, so you can transition, close the net… and win the point.

1. Get into the good ole continental grip- It’s important to be in this grip, you want to use this grip because it allows you to hit every shot you may encounter in no man’s land. Semi-western or even eastern won’t cut it here. Stick with a Continental.
2. Know if it’s going to be a volley or half volley- The techniques between the the two are similar… but the racket face will be much different. So it’s important to make that decision early and know how to handle each respective shot.
3. Aim deep- There will always be exceptions to this rule (and every rule for that matter). There are times where you’ll want to hit a dropper, or a little short angle. But in general, aim deep because that will give you time to get into the net and win the point from there. And we want to win points, right?

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