If Your Backhand is Weak,
You're Basically  Playing With One Hand Tied Behind Your Back

Finally, A Simple, Fun Way to Transform Your Backhand from "Weak" to "Winner"

Dear Tennis Player,

Are you frustrated with your backhand?

Do your opponents feed off successfully attacking your backhand side?

Do your backhand returns always seem to get poached in doubles?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, it might not be your fault.  

It might just be that the advice that you've gotten in the past was either confusing, overwhelming, or flat out WRONG.

Look, the secret is out:

Basic Tennis strategy is telling your opponents to ATTACK your backhand.

If that's your weaker side (which is true for most players) it makes perfect sense...

But...here's the truth:

if you can't at least neutralize this pattern of play...

you are at your opponent's mercy.

What happens next?

You're unable to play YOUR game...

ultimately leaving you feeling incredibly frustrated.

Now, you may be thinking... "I run around my backhand”...

And that may be true...

But what happens when you play someone who can CONSISTENTLY attack your backhand?

or worse…

What will you do, when you eventually lose speed and quickness (we all do) and are FORCED to hit a backhand you have zero confidence in?

Let me ask you something…

How would you feel if you were hitting a backhand like Federer or Wawrinka?

How would you feel if you could tee off on your backhand and hit winners at will?

Listen... if your backhand is weak, you’re basically playing with one hand tied behind your back.

If you have a backhand that lands short or has no pace on it...

or you have no confidence in it...

there’s a good chance you’ll be standing behind the baseline thinking…

“oh no... here it comes”

Imagine this situation for a second...

You see the ball spinning in to your backhand and you "bunt" the ball back…

...licking his chops, your opponent crushes the ball into the opposite corner where you watch the ball bounce well inside the court but out of your reach..


...so you try to "pump yourself up"...

...you try to sound confident.

Breathing heavier now, you nervously begin the next point, with a first serve that your opponent almost lazily blocks black towards your backhand…

So, you choose to “be more aggressive” and “go for your shot"...

but you end up spraying the ball wide.

As you look up, your opponent is smiling, confident bordering on cocky, and the momentum has completely shifted in his favor. He pumps his fist and yells "C'MON"

"Love- 30”

Now you're really upset. You completely lose focus and double fault.

"Love- 40”

As all seems lost, you finally hit a good first serve…
but your opponent is able to dink it softly to your backhand side, and you dump the ball into the net.


You get the picture, don’t you?

Look, I feel your pain...

When I started playing tennis at 16, I was self taught...

I had a pretty decent forehand, because that was my favorite shot, so I hit it as often as I could… 

but I felt really uneasy whenever I played someone who could find my backhand.

It felt like I had some bad chinese food in my stomach.

Every time I was forced to hit a backhand, I “bunted” the ball back and hoped for a forehand.

In fact, in the early days… if you saw me hitting backhands, you would have quickly called me a "PUSHER".

I didn't know the SECRETS to hitting effortlessly powerful, consistent backhands that made my opponents nervous (like I do now).

Quite frankly, I was sick and tired of feeling limited, and being at the mercy of anyone who could find my backhand.

I wanted to play MY game.

So, I promised myself that I would own a backhand that I could actually dictate points with.

I’m talking about a backhand that I could hit that didn’t come back.

So, I went out and found the best tennis teachers in the world…

spent thousands of dollars on lessons…

became a certified teaching pro and…

spent countless hours carefully analyzing the top pros to see exactly how they were able to RIP POWERFUL BACKHANDS… 

effortlessly and consistently.

While analyzing slow motion footage of players like Roger Federer, Stan Wawrinka, and Novak Djokovic, I thought I had the the answer.

Later, I realized…

I had no clue what I was looking at…

It wasn’t until watching the top players along side some of the greatest technical coaches in the world at the time, coaches that have dedicated their entire lives to studying and teaching what the pros do…

that I uncovered the REAL SECRETS to hitting backhands with effortless power, control, and consistency.

People all over the world started asking me to share my secrets with them...

So I put these secrets together into a system called:

The Simple One Handed Backhand

And it’s being used right now by players all over the world to consistently rip powerful, accurate backhands.

Now you may be thinking… “yeah right… I don’t buy it”...

And frankly, why should you? 

Talk's cheap.

Check this out...

Here is a before/after screen shot of Bill, age 75 who has been in the system 8 weeks.

* Notice how, before, Bill is in a weak grip, with zero leverage behind his shot, causing him to jab at the ball. Also, notice how Bill's left hand is inactive and is not helping him counterbalance the forward force of his hitting arm.



"I never had a backhand. It was always just a push.  After watching the videos and practicing the steps, I'm producing offense. Thank you Ramon!"

Bill - USTA 3.5


*Notice the change in Bill's point of contact.  He has leverage behind the ball now by contacting the ball at the right time, with the right spacing.  His left hand is actively keeping him balanced and preventing over-rotation, and he is balanced, with his head still.

Imagine yourself playing your next match, and instead of getting nervous when the ball is hit to your backhand, you confidently STEP IN and absolutely RIP IT for a winner. 

You confidently look up and your opponent, stunned, looks at you in envy while you give HIM a "C'MON"!

This is what The Simple Backhand Can Do For You: 

- Rip Effortlessly Powerful Backhands with Consistency 
- Develop heavy topspin
- Consistently hit with depth and control
- Dictate points from your backhand side
- Hit more winners
- Own a knifing, penetrating slice

- Develop Greater Confidence in Your Game 
- Win More Matches 
- Learn How to be in Perfect Position, Everytime
 Hit The Ball on the Rise
-Take away the Poach

And Much, Much More… 

When You Invest in The Simple Backhand You’ll Get 
20 HD Video Lessons including:

- The Contact Point: Finding the 45 degree angle for power, control and disguise
- Power Generator: The eye of the hurricane
- Power Generator: Tightening of the coil
- The Ripper: How to create heavy topspin
- The Thumper: Flattening out your backhand for maximum power
- The Dicer: How to knife a deep, penetrating slice
- Perfect Positioning: How to consistently be in the right place at the right time
- How to hit the high backhand
- Simple Stroke Builder: Step by step progressions to quickly develop your weapon
-and much more...

WARNING: This System is of absolutely NO USE, unless you ACTUALLY PRACTICE the steps.  There is no way that I know of to improve your technique without practicing.  If you are just looking to purchase this product to look at, and never do anything with, don’t invest in it (unless you just like looking at my face). 

If, however, you’re truly ready to Consistently Crush Your Backhand… and start looking and feeling more confident on the court while you dictate points from the baseline, and you're the kind of person that likes to keep it SIMPLE this product is for you... and you should order now!


Super Slow Motion Footage

The Ultimate Backhand will give you multiple angles of super slow motion footage so you can really zero in on what to do when you're practicing.

Downloadable Videos

Take your lessons with you anywhere on your mobile device with convenient downloads.

Simple, Simple, Simple

The Simple Backhand has all of the unneccessary "fluff" completely removed to make your transition into a killer backhand EASIER. 

Plus, these BONUSES!!!

Bonus #1: The Kicker from The Simple Serve

A great kick serve is one of the most important shots you can add to your aresenal.

Great as a first or a second serve, it adds a dimension to your game that is crucial to give you an "unfair advantage."

You'll receive this bonus FREE, with your purchase.

Bonus #2: The Best Transition Drill Ever

This is the single most powerful drill when it comes to smoothly and consistently transitioning from the baseline to the net.

You will develop touch, control, and most importantly CONFIDENCE in your approach.

This is a MUST HAVE for any serious doubles player.

Invest in The Simple One Handed Backhand NOW and Turn Your "Shield" into a Weapon

Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

If for ANY reason The Simple Backhand does not satisfy you in any way, let us know and we'll refund you all of your money, no questions asked!