How to Watch the Ball in Tennis

How to Watch the Ball in Tennis

You hear coaches and friends say it all the time…


But nobody every tells you how, exactly, and specifically to do it.

In this video, Ramon is going to walk you through 3 tips that will be enormously beneficial in developing your ability to watch the ball.

1. Watch your opponents contact. The moment your opponent makes contact is one of the most important clues you can gain when you think about watching the ball.

Being dialed in to this precise moment will allow you to begin the process of preparing for your shot.

2. Watch the seams of the ball- Your eyes only have 3 degrees of very focused vision. The rest of your vision is peripheral and is very fuzzy. When you watch the seams of the ball, you automatically tune in to the extremely focused part of your vision.

3. Bounce-Hit- When the ball bounces, you say “bounce”. When you hit the ball, you say “hit”.

This tip is almost magical because it shuts off your analytical, critical mind, and allows you to find “the zone” while really zeroing in on the ball.

Follow these 3 steps, and you’ll be watching the ball like a pro.

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