Why tennis is a COMPLETE waste of time!

Tennis Courts

First off, what about all of that vitamin D the sun gives you.  Who KNOWS what that does?

Roger Federer CRUSHING

Not only that, it’s not nice to hit things. Even if some people say it’s cathartic.

Fresh air picture

Besides, you have to breathe in all of that terrible fresh air!

Love Tennis

Every game reminds you to “Love all”.  How mushy!

boring treadmill picture

Wouldn’t it be easier to just run on the treadmill for 2 hours instead?


Doubles is such a social game. You could be sitting at home playing solitaire instead!

soap opera picture

Who needs that endorphin rush you get from an exhilarating set of tennis? You can get that from watching daytime soap operas!

Novak Djokovic serves

You might improve if you keep playing.  Then you’ll want to keep playing.  It’s addicting!


I hope we’ve set the record straight here!  Tennis is a COMPLETE waste of time. 😉



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