Forehand Consistency | How to be ROCK SOLID and NEVER MISS

FREE Forehand Training Series:

A SIMPLE forehand drill you can use to develop Rock-Solid CONSISTENCY.

In this video you’ll learn a simple progression from Ramon Osa that will gradually help you to feel comfortable with the forehand stroke moving forward as well as inside-out.

You’ll begin by catching a ball, and throwing the ball over the net like a forehand.

Next, you’ll hit the ball with your hand acting as a racket.

Then, you’ll take the racket with your thumb threaded through the throat with your fingers supporting the racket face.

Next, you’ll take the racket at the top of the grip.

You’re learning how to never miss a tennis forehand!

Then the middle of the grip.

And finally at the bottom of the grip… each time gradually getting further from the net.

This progression will really help you feel the spacing between you and the ball as you gradually move further and further from the point of contact with your body to ensure great extension.

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