Serve Coordination

Serve Coordination

It can be like patting your head and rubbing your stomach sometimes, but in this video, you’ll learn how to put it all together on your serve and get more power!

Each limb on your body is responsible for something different during the serve.

To have great serve coordination, you must be able to operate these limbs independently .

First, we’ll work on the fundamentals of your toss… keeping your tossing arm straight and raising it to eye level before releasing the ball.

Then, we’ll work on your throwing mechanics by getting into the trophy pose, and uncoiling upward to release the ball.

And finally, we’ll work on adding these two skills together.

So you are now tossing the ball, and as the ball reaches the apex of it’s flight, you trigger your throwing arm upward towards the ball.

After you are comfortable with this, the next phase of serve coordination would be to grab a racket and practice actually serving.


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